Why I hate second-hand books

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Second-hand books threaten even worse perils than stains and creases, though. Before I finally vowed to never buy second-hand again, I purchased a copy of Don Dellilo’s Underworld from a charity shop.

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Why Do Some People Hate Books? 12 Aug 2013 You might think of such people as lost and forgotten in a desolate area somewhere in the Antarctic, but no, they live among us.

Second Hand Books – The Cons of Buying Pre Read Books

10 reasons why people hate second hand books and would rather use a kindle. If you love second hand books, maybe this list will convert you. 10 reasons why people hate second hand books and would rather use a kindle. If you love second hand books, maybe this list will convert you. Menu. Home;

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Second hand books – the pros and cons. submitted 2 years ago by agent8am Pro – the spine is broken in a little so the book doesn’t try and close itself when you’re reading it as with a new book.

6 Reasons Why It’s Important To Read Books You Hate

Re-reading books, even books you hate, is kind of like returning to your hometown after a long absence — the setting around you is exactly the same, but you understand it differently because you

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May 21, 2012 · I’m 23 and notice many older people hate reading books too. C’mon, I’m a casual reader who reads one book every month on my spare time. These people barely read ANY books at all. I go to their house, and I can count the number of books they have on one hand. And they say I have a lot of books. I only have 40 books.

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Have you considered that maybe some of the people that say they hate reading have good cause to feel that way. Maybe some of them have dyslexia or other learning disabilities and have had difficulty reading and writing their entire life. Yet reading is a major part of …

Top responsesRedditIt’s like saying you hate musicor videos or photographs.14 votesHopefully this is a safe place to voice this, but the truth is, I also have little interest in prolonged relationships with people who don’t read. It isn’t really a … read more102 votesI’m torn on this. on the one hand, as an avid reader, it bothers me deeply when people tell me they just don’t read. I don’t understand it and it really confuses me. … read more15 votesMy belief is that anyone who says they dislike books either has never read one when not forced to or simply has not found the right one yet.21 votesWhen people say they don’t read they are admitting something. When they say they hate it they are defending the insecurity they have for not reading. That is my … read more9 votesPersonally, I think there are all types and it’s not a huge deal. I’m in a LTR w/ someone who doesn’t read a lot of fiction, and that difference in interest is something … read more5 votesSee all

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A mostly well reasoned piece, however you’ve fallen into the common trap on technology critiques: wilful ignorance. The points about second hand books are 100% valid, however saying things like ‘you can’t cut and paste from a e-book’ is ridiculous.

9 Books To Read If You Are Someone Who «Hates» Reading

So, you say you hate reading, huh? As a devoted and perhaps borderline obsessive reader myself, I am always shocked when I hear people say they don’t like books , but there are plenty of excuses

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Jan 14, 2017 · The only reason why I can fathom some people don’t like books is that they a) hate reading, or b) for some strange reason they prefer to ruin their eyesight on Kinder book screens. Meh. Paper books don’t crash, they don’t need a fresh battery, and you don’t need to …

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Don’t feel guilty about buying used books: Writers won’t

Jan 16, 2016 · Robin Epstein, author of 21 books ranging from novels, middle grade advice, nonfiction and children’s books, said that while she was dismayed to see …