Urban Dictionary: past life

Urban Dictionary: past life

A tactful way of referring to previous careers, companies, or relationships without specifically mentioning names. A way of avoiding thoughtless name-dropping or boring boastful references to things you have done before at other places or with other people.

Urban Dictionary: #past life

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Urban Dictionary: past it

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Urban Dictionary: life

The most unfair thing about life is the way it ends. I mean, life is tough. It takes up a lot of your time. What do you get at the end of it? A death!

Urban Dictionary: Wife from a past life

A woman which is really hot – but also really dead, who you’d like to sleep with or marry.

Urban Dictionary: Past

Everything that has happened so far. Reading this definition is part of your past. And this. And this. And

Urban Dictionary: fast life

Consequently, fast life hustlers that make it to old age without being imprisoned, crippled or killed is rare because negative actions have negative consequences. Karma is a bitch. However, living fast does not necessarily involve hustling.

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What does low-life mean in Urban Dictionary?

Low-life is someone who have not evolved past the degree of primordial ooze when you look at the scheme of things. A low-life is an opportunist and has now …

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Almost everyone has used Urban Dictionary at some point or another to look up the meaning of a slang word or phrase. Started in 1999 by then-computer science student Aaron Peckham, the crowd

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Golden Shower: To urinate on another human being for sexual gratification, usually by somebody who’s never heard the words «personal» and «hygiene» strung together in the same sentence.

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