‘State of Decay 2’ Is the Best Zombie Game We’ve Played in Years

‘State of Decay 2’ Is the Best Zombie Game We’ve Played in

State of Decay 2 is a survival game that takes place well into the zombie apocalypse. At the start, you’re responsible for a pair of characters—each with a random set of stats describing what

State of Decay 2 Review: Potentially Great, But Bugs Need

May 17, 2018 · In a time where it seems like every other game that is released is a zombie game, State of Decay 2 provides an interesting spin on the genre with …


State Of Decay 2’s Take On The Zombie-Apocalypse Is Brutal

May 18, 2018 · The original State of Decay on PC and Xbox 360 was a big hit for developer Undead Labs. Fulfilling the fantasy of scavenging an open-world during the zombie apocalypse, it …

Operating System: PC, Xbox One

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State of Decay 2, the sequel to the hit «State of Decay», which has sold more than 4.5M copies, is now available. Get the ultimate zombie survival fantasy game today.

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State of Decay 2 promises a more stable environment in which to enjoy the same dangerous game of thrills and consequences, plus a more substantial open-world and support for four-player co-op.

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State of Decay is an ambitious zombie-survival open world game created by Undead Labs for Xbox One/and PC-Windows 10. Related Subreddits Looking for something similar?

Top responsesRedditValley. Smaller and more straightforward, so traversing it is significantly faster than say, plateau. I also think it has some of the coolest bases, like police station … read more5 votesValley. The ugly red hue ruins every other map for me; I have no idea what the devs were thinking.3 votesValley/Foothills/Plateau in that order, for me anyway2 votesI like drucker the best but cascade I think is the one with the container fort would be a close second. it loses because the map itself is harder to navigate2 votesMeagher Valley, then Drucker County, then Cascade Hills. For Meagher I like Mazzara Farm, Drucker is Mike’s Concrete, and Cascade Hills the Corner … read more1 voteI like the valley, but each map has its own flavour. Some just have A LOT more driving than others. Found a mod that speed up some of the vehicles, that is so … read more1 voteSee all

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May 17, 2018 · However, State of Decay 2 scratches the itch for no-nonsense survival in a zombie apocalypse. How long will it last? Technically, the game could be …


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State of Decay is the best I have played so far. Maybe I’m just terrible at it, but it seems like you have to play through Dead Rising several times and level up before you can accomplish most of the missions.

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the games good but after a few map changes its just more of the same with just more enemies. Which is what State of Decay has always been. They never said they were changing it. Having played the first one a lot, i have no idea how anyone else who played the first one for any decent amount of time, can think anything here is a step back.

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Since this Game is pre-release code, we cannot provide customer service in the traditional sense. However, data and Feedback as you play and enjoy the Game will help us improve and enhance the final product. Thank you for choosing to participate in the State of Decay 2 video game («Game») Insider Program («Program»)!

State of Decay 2 finds the humanity in the zombie

The Real Walking Dead

State of Decay 2 Review (Xbox One) – «Fun but flawed

State of Decay 2 (part of the Best Games Out in May Feature) offers an online and offline experience of living in the post zombie world. Other players are either allies or rivals, including PVE and PVP modes.

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May 21, 2018 · Overall, State of Decay 2’s unnamed slice of the US is the most seductive zombie-filled game-world we’ve ever encountered: not because it looks or feels particularly different to any of the zombie


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