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A Node.js implementation of RTMP Server. Logging Modify the logging type. It is now possible to modify the logging type which determines which console outputs are shown.

GitHub – illuspas/Node-Media-Server: A Node.js

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GitHub – medooze/media-server-node: WebRTC Media Server

WebRTC Medooze Media Server for Node.js. This media server will allow you to receive and send media streams from remote WebRTC peers and manage how you want to route them.

node-media-server 1.4.7 on npm –

A Node.js implementation of RTMP Server – 1.4.7 – a JavaScript package on npm –

node.js – NodeJS and RED 5 media server via RTMP – Stack

This is more a conceptual question rather than a direct «how to do this». Is it generally possible to implement a flash-like solution to stream the audio (independent of where we get the stream d

Yes it is possible, but you have a few problems. 1) Red5 is terribly under-documented and buggy. 2) rtmpe/rtmps 3) performance/scalability 4) 1 through 3 are things you can overcome, but not without getting to know media distribution and all of it’s associated issues very intimately. By the time you’re done, you will be one of like 800 people out there who really understand it. You’ll have to go down a long path of solving unexpected problems.2There is now a platform called vertx available where polygot development is possible. So red5 jar can be included on your server side with existing code and could run a rtmp streaming server. At the client side you can have something like video.js or JW player to play the stream back and has got the flash fall back policy. The client side publishing, i am not sure if there are any javascript based RTMP implementation available or not.1WCS is a hybrid implementation for Flash, WebRTC, SIP, Websockets and Wowza compatible protocols: RTSP, RTMP. Stream conversion scheme:1this is an old question but, i’m posting this alternative for people who are gonna stumble upon this.
Node media server is quite a good media server i have used it in one of my poc it support rtmp its git repo is also quite lively, In fact i have done some changes before useing it in my poc. And code is also well written. PS. its works like a charm with OBS for live streaming.0

Failed to configure the partner node with the media server

– [Info] Configuring node xxx as partner media server. The operation will take up to 15 minutes. – [Error] V-409-955-1018: Failed to configure the partner node with the media server role. Refer to the TechNote 000127692. – [Error] Failed to add the partner node. Contact Veritas Technical Support

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Chromecast from a node media server. Ask Question. up vote 0 down vote favorite. I used npm hls-server to setup an hls streaming server on my dev machine. Then i took android sample app and tried adding another video with url that of my localhost. The video plays fine inside the sample app but i am unable to cast it to chromecast.

Video stream with Node.js and HTML5 – Medium

Video stream with Node.js and HTML5 Beverly Nguyen I was asked how to do video stream using Node.js, something I had yet to try so, “why not” I thought, let me share my findings.

How to Set Up a Home Media Server You Can Access From Any

Local media servers have gone out of style. Microsoft no longer makes Windows Home Server and is phasing out Windows Media Center.. But there are still great solutions if you want to run a home media server and stream to all your devices.


MediacenterJs is «app-less», which means it works on anything with a browser without having to install an App. It also has a handy browser based remote so you can use your phone as a remote for your TV. It’s great to add functionality to your TV, tablet, PC or Chromebook.

Building a Media Player #5: The Server-side Node.js Code

Feb 21, 2017 · Learn more about the sample video-on-demand media Progressive Web App on GitHub: Paul Lewis delves into the code behind his media player – …

node.js as a media server – YouTube

Mar 18, 2013 · made with ezvid, free download at remote control AV.

US5808607A – Multi-node media server that provides video

A multi-node video server system in accordance with the invention comprises disk storage associated with a first node which stores at least a portion of a video presentation in the form of plural data blocks, each data block comprising a viewing time segment of the presentation. RAM buffer in a second node receives and stores data blocks of the video presentation from the disk storage in the


This is a playground to test code. It runs a full Node.js environment and already has all of npm’s 400,000 packages pre-installed, including node-media-server with all npm packages installed. Try it out: