Urban Dictionary: Carlos Santana

Urban Dictionary: Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana unknown Carlos Santana is a blues/rock guitarist who was a founding member of the 60’s/70’s rock group Santana. Together with keyboardist/vocalist Greg Rolie , percussionists José «Chepito» Areas Mike Carabello, drummer Mike Shrieve and bassist Mike Brown , they went on to release a host of amazing albums, Santana (1969

Urban Dictionary: Santana

Santana is a freak when the lights go out once you have had her you’ll never forget her and you won’t never find another like her even if you search far and wide she’s one of a kind. That’s Santana and she is a down ass bitch she been A1 since day 1.

Urban Dictionary: Carlos

A Carlos has the most prettiest eyes and usually sensitive but good when it comes to sex and usually has a big dick. His personality is above amazing they are usually loving and caring of …

Urban Dictionary: carlos pena

cute, adorable, dog lover, sweetest guy you’ll ever meet, deserves an amazing girl, will always treat her right, loves his family, great snow boarder, all-around perfect guy, loving dork, cute, sweet,

Urban Dictionary: Carlos Ray

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Urban Dictionary: carlos vergara

sexiest man alive. buy the domain for your diy blog

Urban Dictionary: Santana

The second worst Pillar Man from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2. Known in some translations as Santviento. For those wondering, the list of the Pillar Men from best to worst is as follows: 1. Wamuu 2. Esidisi 3. Santana 4. Kars

What does Carlos mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does Carlos mean in Urban Dictionary?: among the sweetest many handsome men you are going to ever fulfill. He is the type of person who any girl would be …

What does Juan Carlos mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does Juan Carlos mean in Urban Dictionary?: Small but mighty. Friendly and helpful but less expected if you want him at an immediate.; should you ever meet a Juan Carlos…

What does Ruben Santana mean in Urban Dictionary?

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What does musty carlos mean in Urban Dictionary?

October 21, 2018 Urban Dictionary Link to this page the term musty carlos is a term used by numerous native americans back the 1800s to share with individuals if there penis smelled bad or otherwise not.