HereMaps in DialogFragment Any idea how to refresh or reload maps · Issue

HereMaps in DialogFragment Any idea how to refresh or

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Google Maps in 4.1.22 · Issue #165 · Bin4ry/deejayeye

Any ideas why I can not get google maps on the Go version 4.1.22? It always shows HereMaps. I do have provided the valid google API key and here are the applied patches: enableCacheControl, enable_MapBox, forceFCC, removeCheckIfRooted, removeNfzUpdate, RemoveUpdateForce. Btw, the google maps where working fine on 4.1.14.

Refresh/reload | Oracle Community

Aug 30, 2003 · Hi- I am having a problem with refreshing the application. I make a change in the JSP file, add another element, and refresh/reload in browser. However the new element doesn’t show up. I reload/stop+start the application using the manager app but that doesn’t work either. Only after I shutdown catalina and start again I see the changes in the JSP.

ERROR: Cannot initialize Map with error: UNKNOWN · Issue

If the issue still persists , could you try deleting sdcard/.here-maps, reboot your device and launch the app again? If all these steps don’t resolve your issue, could you please paste your map initialization code here, so we can take a look?

Update / reload markers without reloading google map

// To add the marker to the map, use the ‘map’ property var marker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: myLatlng, map: map, title:»Hello World!» If you want to ‘remove’ and ‘add’ markers with events, you can use marker.setMap(null) to remove the marker and marker.setMap(map) to re-add it.

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Basic Postioning · Issue #127 · heremaps/here-android-sdk

Non-premium SDK basic positioning is way faster than the premium basic positioning why? I have two samples running one with premium and non-premium the app, with non-premium version, loads the current location smoother and faster, while premium I need to use position manager to load current location and its too slow any idea?

heremaps/here-android-sdk-examples –

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WebServiceDataControl refresh issue | Oracle Community

Mar 26, 2011 · What exactly did you do to update the DataControls.dcx? Did you click the refresh icon on the data control palette after you did that? Can’t you just regenerate the Web service data control to the same service name?

GitHub – heremaps/examples: Self-contained examples for

Advanced Examples: A second set of examples, demonstrating the use of the advanced features of the Maps API for JavaScript. These examples cover more difficult concepts such as asynchronous loading,KML and Map overlays. Demos and Custom Components: Demos showcase the power of the Maps API for JavaScript when mashed up with other APIs or data sources.

Maps API v3 Reload markers – JSFiddle

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Update NLP sample app and README for HERE SDK 3.6 – GitHub

Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.

– Add CSS stylesheet link to routing and logging examples

This example shows two maps. The upper map allows for moving and zooming. The upper map allows for moving and zooming. The lower map observes the upper map’s zoom level and position and adopts these values every time the upper map changes.