Don’t Buy: Safety Risk

Don’t Buy: Safety Risk – Orbit Infant System

The product, the Orbit Infant System, was rated “Don’t Buy: Safety Risk” after the infant carrier detached from its car seat base in two of six simulated 30-mph frontal crash tests that

Jané Muum Stroller Don’ t Buy: Safety Risk – Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports names Jané Muum Stroller a safety risk. The stroller’s grab bar poses a strangulation risk based on CR’s test.

3 Carbon Monoxide Alarms Named ‘Don’t Buy: Safety Risk’ by

Mar 14, 2017 · In Consumer Reports’ most recent tests of carbon monoxide alarms, three similar-looking off-brand alarms failed critical performance tests and have been rated Don’t Buy: Safety Risk.

Graco Stroller Named A ‘Don’t Buy: Safety Risk’ By

Because there’s really no point in having brakes on a stroller’s wheels if they still allow the stroller to roll, our colleagues at Consumer Reports have judged a double stroller from Graco a

Lexus SUV Given ‘Don’t Buy: Safety Risk’ Rating By

The 2010 Lexus GX 460 SUV has gotten a rare «Don’t Buy: Safety Risk» rating from Consumer Reports, the magazine announced today, «because of a problem we experienced during our standard emergency

Consumer Reports names one blender a «don’t buy:safety

Therefore, Consumer Reports has judged the Calphalon XL 9 Speed 1832449 blender a Don’t Buy: Safety Risk. Another tough test: whipping up piña coladas. Some of …

Don’t Talk Safety—Live It : Fire Service Risk Management

«Managing risk for others is the fire department’s mission. If we don’t attempt to manage risk, we are leaving our fate to chance,» writes David Cain. Don’t Talk Safety—Live It : Fire

Do you own a carbon monoxide alarm pegged ‘Don’t Buy

The three alarms have all been labeled «Don’t Buy: Safety Risk» by Consumer Reports. The failed alarms are the NetBoat WB_H3110061 LCD Portable Security Gas …

Consumer Reports Judges Heidi Klum Stroller A «Don’t Buy

But the organization believes it poses a safety concern and has designated the Truly Scrumptious Travel System TR252BQR by Heidi Klum a Don’t Buy: Safety Risk as a result of its tests.

Marijuana edibles and food safety: Buy at your own risk

Numerous production facilities overlook the most basic food safety rules: They don’t wash their hands, they don’t prevent cross-contamination, and they don’t pay attention to critical items like time and temperature control, proper storage, pest control, sanitation, etc.

Why You Don’t Have Employee Safety Buy-In

Probably the most important factor in improving safety performance on any site is the process of getting buy-in from your workforce. Some practical ideas on how to achieve this.

Is your fridge a fire risk? Watchdog publishes list of 250

Read Is your fridge a fire risk? Watchdog publishes list of 250 ‘don’t buy’ models latest on ITV News. freezers and fridge-freezers on the market pass existing safety standards but Which? said

Consumer Reports: Don’t buy these 3 carbon monoxide alarms

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, but deadly gas, especially in cold weather when windows are shut. Last year, a Cincinnati couple in Madisonville was found dead, after they

California Product Liaibility Lawyers | ‘Don’t Buy

Consumer Reports magazine is telling people not to buy the 2010 Lexus GX460 because it failed their standard emergency handling tests. The magazine issued a “Don’t Buy – Safety Risk