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Certified Translation of Your Birth Certificate To/From Thai. Our Thai translators are native Thai speakers also fluent in English with extensive experience having successfully translated thousands of birth certificates.


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Thai birth certificate translated into English can be exercised all over the world. Thai birth certificate translation is highly required among many people staying in Thailand and also expecting for a perfect opportunity for their children in various regions of India.


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Thai Birth Certificate Translation. Our experienced birth certificate translators have translated many Thai language birth certificates. If you are running short of time and need a speedy certified translation of your birth certificate, you can definitely count on us.

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Translating Birth Certificates Many government agencies require documents such as a birth certificate translation for immigration or travel purposes. Rev has translated thousands of documents and guarantees 100% acceptance.

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Translation of Birth Certificate may be required for various purposes, including, visa applications, immigration, university applications, legal proceedings and many more. can help you get your birth certificate translated into English from more than 100 languages.

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If the document is in a foreign language besides English, it must be translated into Thai, then examined and certified by the designated authorities. If any of the attached document is a copy, it must be certified as true copy by the designated authorities. To Apply for a Thai Birth Certificate . 1.