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A blank home page via about:blank is also helpful if you’re on a low bandwidth or pay-for-use (metered) connection. It saves great time, and often money, in these situations because a web page that won’t necessarily be used isn’t loaded automatically over and over again every time the browser opens.

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What Is about:blank, and How Do I Get Rid of It? – Ask Leo!

About:blank is a special page within most browsers. It can appear due to problems, malware, or if there’s been malware that’s been removed.


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RA: ://about blank – Berlin nightclub

://about blank is a formerly illegal, multi-room club by Ostrkeuz S-Bahnhof in Friedrichshain. It’s a short walk from Salon Zur Wilde Renate, and like that club, it’s a lightly renovated re-purposed building with seemingly endless nooks and crannies.

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Nov 17, 2018 · When I open a web page from withing an email It opens 2 pages. One says About:Blank and then it opens a second page with the web page content I was looking for. How can prevent the About:Blank page

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How to Remove «About: Blank» Spyware | Techwalla.com

The «About:Blank» hijacker spyware can be a particular pain to excise from your computer once it’s infected. «About:Blank» takes over a Web browser so it can manipulate search results and the homepage by redirecting traffic and adding advertisements.

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about:blank: References a blank HTML document with the media type text/html and character encoding UTF-8. This is widely used to load blank pages into browsing contexts, such as iframes within HTML, which may then be modified by scripts. about:legacy-compat

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PC Hell: How to Remove About:Blank Homepage Hijacker

The About:Blank homepage hijacker is a variation of a more advanced Cool Web Search hijacker. There are several variants of the About:Blank hijacker and all of them are difficult to remove manually.