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Perhaps it is just my body and the fact that I am used to the internal prostate massage. Give this a try if you are hesitant to have your backside penetrated by an internal device. If you are not hesitant then skip the cradle and buy an Aneros.

Prostate Cradle History – External Prostate Massager

15 years ago I looked for an external prostate massager, but I could not find one. So, with the help of doctors and therapists, I began to research and develop one for myself. Thus, the Prostate Cradle was born from necessity. First the Cradle helped massage my prostate back to health. Then as a bonus, I discovered it also helped to improve my

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The Prostate Cradle will not massage the gland directly. This can only be accomplished with the traditional internal prostate massage or the External Massage Technique. But, the Cradle can be a worthwhile aid in your massage program.

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Oct 31, 2007 · New Revolutionary External Prostate Massager. Find Out Why I Love Prostate Milking, How It Gives Me Crazy Intense Male Orgasms Every Time – Duration: 2:17. Prostate Massage …

Prostate Cradle Revolutionary External Prostate Massager

Introducing the world’s first external prostate massager! The Prostate Cradle has a fascinating ten year history. It was invented by a Certified Massage Therapist with guidance from medical doctors to help overcome his own health challenges.

Internal vs. External Prostate Massage | Chronic

Some older men are uncomfortable with the idea of inserting a finger or a prostate massager into their anus. This area of the body is sometimes considered taboo or dirty. In 2005, a massage therapist in Alaska invented an external prostate massager called a Prostate Cradle to help him deal with his own prostate problems and as a less invasive prostate health treatment option for his patients.


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World’s First External Prostate Massager! The Prostate Cradle External Massagerpositions feel best. Prostate massage may feel strange is a powerful high-tech apparatus invented by a massage therapist for safe, self prostate massage and it feels wonderful! The “Cradle” is designed to be sat on. Body weight creates the pressure for massage.

External Prostate Massage Concerns Explained!

He may also tell you about the Prostate Cradle, which is unique device, used for external massage on the prostate gland. The procedure is much simpler than the internal prostate massage. When you do the prostate massage, you must: After you feel this area, place your fingers on it. Before you start the massage, you can put a hot towel on this area.

Effective External Perineum Massage Techniques

The rounded pointing tip of the Prostate Cradle is specially designed to stimulate the perineum. Unlike using a traditional prostate massager, external perineum massage can be done clothed, unclothed, sitting in warm bath, or even sitting at your desk while working, using a computer or watching T.V.

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The prostate is a muscle and a gland, and like any other muscles, it requires exercise, and unlike traditional prostate massagers, it is non-invasive and works via external massage. The cradle is extremely gentle and the unique, anatomically correct shape avoids sensitive areas and reaches between the pelvic arch and the rectum to give you all the preventative benefits of prostate massage with no …