Yes, we really do want more politicians in the House of Representatives

Yes, we really do want more politicians in the House of

Yes, we really do want more politicians in the House of Representatives October 28, 2014 5.39am EDT US House members now represent on average more …

Yes, we really do want more politicians in the House of

If we apply this “cube root law,” as it’s called by political scientists, to the current American population of 315,000,000 then it mandates that the US House ought to have a membership of 680 representatives.

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Adding seats to the House of Representatives will not only reform the House elections, but also reform the Presidential elections. This is precisely why a Pro vote to add more seats to the House of Representatives what we citizens must demand in order improve our Federal government.

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A larger House of Representatives would also create a larger Electoral College which will reduce or eliminate the variances between the popular vote and the Electoral College in Presidential elections. The only way to fix Congress is to allow more people into the process. A larger House of Representatives puts more people into the process.

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State divides itself into districts, one for each House member; state residents living in each district only vote for ONE House member. What is an at-large district? No state districts, you could elect the representatives from anywhere in the state.

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Yes, this is still a great way to contact your representatives! Personal letters from constituents are very effective in communicating your concerns to your senators and congressmen. You can send a letter to either their D.C. office or their district office — or both!

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A House of Representatives of 680 members would make the House of Representatives thirty seats larger than the British House of Commons, which has 650 members representing a …

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To change how politics is played, we must rewrite some basic rules–and more than double the size of the House of Representatives. A larger, more representative House is not without precedent. European democracies almost across the board have more legislative members and better representation ratios.

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This opens the door for more political variety in Congress, and would better represent the (highly heterogenous) political views of the U.S. This also restores the Framer’s view of the House as deliberately closer to the people’s views.

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The truth requires that we call the corrosion of money in politics what it is – it is a form of corruption and it muzzles more Americans than it empowers, and it is an imbalance that the world

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Find Your Representatives Here you can find your representatives, how to contact them, bills they’ve introduced, committees they serve on, and political contributions they’ve received. Enter your full address below to get started.

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Why don’t US politicians in the Senate, House of Representatives, and Supreme Court decide to give themselves, say, 100 million dollars each? I understand that the politicians doing so wouldn’t get reelected and that their political career would end, but why would it matter if they already made themselves rich?

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There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. How long do members of Congress’ terms last? Members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms and are considered for reelection every even year.