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Philosopher assisted suicide and euthanasia | The BMJ

Legal euthanasia and assisted suicide are beginning to look inevitable, yet many doctors seem uncomfortable with the idea. The BMA has opposed legalising euthanasia and so have many states and national medical organisations in the United States.

Assisted dying: law and practice around the world – bmj.com

The Assisted Dying Bill, if passed, would indeed legalise a form of assisted suicide – it would legalise “physician assisted suicide for terminally ill people in England and …

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Follow BMJ talk medicine and others on SoundCloud. Create a SoundCloud account Sign in In the podcast, we’ll hear from Kevin Hines the survivor of such an attempt, and Alys Cole-King, a psychiatrist who wants to break down the stigma of suicide.

Senior doctors’ opinions of rational suicide | Journal of

Less explored is the level of agreement among physicians on the possibility of ‘rational suicide’—a considered suicide act made by a sound mind and a precondition of assisted dying legislation. Objective To assess attitudes towards rational suicide in a representative sample of …

Medical students and suicide | Student BMJ

Tom represents the one in 10 medical students who experience suicidal thoughts, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis of the prevalence of depression, depressive symptoms, and suicidal ideation among medical students published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) at the end of 2016, which reviewed over 200 studies in 43 countries.

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Julian Sheather: Reviewing the Mental Health Act—we need

Julian Sheather: Reviewing the Mental Health Act—we need to talk about autonomy March 26, 2018 The Government is reviewing mental health legislation for England—the 1983 Act and its bolt-ons.

Khalid Ali: ‘Let’s talk about death: a review of ‘Last cab

A law has just been passed in Darwin that allows doctors to practise physician-assisted suicide, and she is looking for her first ‘volunteer’. The trip from Broken Hill, New South Wales, where Rex lives to Darwin where Dr Farmer’s clinic is, takes Rex on a road journey where he meets a mix of eccentric characters.

Alzheimer disease and pre-emptive suicide | Journal of

There is a flood of papers being published on new ways to diagnose Alzheimer disease (AD) before it is symptomatic, involving a combination of invasive tests (eg, spinal tap), and pen and paper tests. This changes the landscape with respect to genetic tests for risk of …