Urban Dictionary: lucky charm

Urban Dictionary: lucky charm

The sexual/romantic attention/favors of a Leprechaun, a male who is so in love with himself he assumes that females are stalking him.May also refer to Leprechaun’s twin boys down under.

Urban Dictionary: lucky charm ass

When you haven’t done laundry in weeks, and the only underwear you left have to wear are back-of-the-drawer obnoxiously patterned/colored underwear that was likely purchased in your prepubescent years. When you sport such underwear, you at this time have what is known as a «lucky charm ass».

Urban Dictionary: Lucky Charms Disease

Lucky Charms’ Disease is a disorder characterized most commonly by green poops, otherwise known as diarrhea. LCD causes a great deal of discomfort and distress, but it does not permanently harm the intestines and does not lead to a serious disease, such as cancer.

Urban Dictionary: person lucky charm

Someone that brings you luck in your life, wether it be winning the lottery or winning your heart by making you happy 25/8. Every time they are around you instantly are a better person and without them you would dieDIE. So they are a lucky charm because you won’t die. Ta Da!

Urban Dictionary: Lucky Charm Jackpot

Lucky Charm Jackpot unknown When you’re pouring lucky charms and all of a sudden there is a certian part that has a bunch of LC marshmellows , Quite frequent if you buy bulk packages (From Sam’s or ssomething) When hitting the LCJ usual emotions are Excitement and Joy.

Urban Dictionary: Lucky Charm Cereal

The Best Cereal In The World And In The UK it’s Stopped 🙁 DAMN U!

What does Lucky Charms mean in Urban Dictionary?

probably the best cereal previously produced. It is contents tend to be little grain pieces and small colorful marshmallows, but men and women eat it the marshmallows.

Urban Dictionary: Charm

In physics a charms is a quantum number assigned the value +1 for one kind of quark, −1 for its antiquark, and 0 for all other quarks. » Susan’s charm bracelet , has some very unusual charms on it» #amulet #trinket #beauty #celtic charms #good-luck piece

What does Lucky Charm Jackpot mean in Urban Dictionary?

When you’re pouring lucky charms and all of an abrupt there’s a certian part which has had a number of LC marshmellows, Quite frequent in the event that you buy volume bundles (From Sam’s or ssomething) When hitting the LCJ typical feelings are Excitement and Joy.