Low Creatinine: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Low Creatinine: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

Low creatinine levels can be caused by: A muscle disease, such as muscular dystrophy. Symptoms of a muscle disease include muscle weakness, muscle stiffness and pain, and decreased mobility.

Low creatinine levels: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

Symptoms of low creatinine. Symptoms of low creatinine will vary depending on the underlying condition but can include: Low muscle mass: Lack of strength, difficulty exercising, a thin or frail body.

Causes and Treatments of Decreased Creatinine Levels

Low creatinine levels indicate a low protein diet (foods like salmon, red meat and chicken liver) that eventually produces less nitrogenous wastes and creatinine. Treatments for Low Creatinine Levels As said previously, low creatinine levels are fairly uncommon in most normal and healthy individuals, yet when reported it is not considered troublesome in most cases.

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Treatments for Causes of Low creatinine. Review the treatment information pages for various causes of Low creatinine: Muscular dystrophy. More causes: not all possible causes for Low creatinine are listed above; for a full list refer to causes of Low creatinine. Treatment Notes. Only your doctor can advise whether any of these treatments are appropriate for your specific medical situation.

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Causes of Low creatinine, alternative diagnoses, rare causes, misdiagnoses, patient stories, and much more.

Low Creatinine Levels – What does it mean? Causes, Treatment

A person having high creatinine amounts in blood may have symptoms like fatigue, nausea, chest pains, high blood pressure, changes in urinate, vomiting, and muscle cramps. Causes of Low Creatinine Levels A number of things may cause the levels of creatinine in a person’s to be low. These include:

Low Creatinine Levels – Normal Range, Causes, Treatment

Causes of Low Creatinine Levels. These are the most common causes that lead to low creatinine levels: Reduced muscle mass – this can lead to decreased production of creatinine and it is encountered in elderly patients or those suffering from malnutrition, excessive weight loss or chronic illnesses.