The Best Songs About Chicago Ever Recorded

The Best Songs About Chicago Ever Recorded – Thrillist

Sweet Home Chicago” by Robert Johnson. Most Chicago line: “Oh baby don’t you want to go / …

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If you’re from the Windy City, you’ll definitely want to check out this list of the best songs about Chicago. Chicago often gets overshadowed by New York and Los Angeles, but several rappers, rock stars and legendary blues musicians have written songs about the Windy City. Some of these great tunes specifically mention Chicago, while others only allude to the Illinois City.

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8 Songs That’ll Make You Proud to be From Chicago Songs about Chicago–Because There’s No Place Like Home. Chicago is a beautiful city that has inspired artists for ages, including musicians.

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Chicago’s best rap artist, Common, has written a multitude of songs about his home town this being the best of them. «The Corners» describes the life of a Southside Chicago dweller. The crime, the drugs and more importantly, the hope that surrounds people from the harder neighborhoods in Chicago are described in great poetic detail.

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The 41 greatest Chicago albums of all time. Recorded in a living room in Zion, The 50 best love songs ever made Read more Music The 50 best breakup songs

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Best Chicago Songs. BKAllmighty Which song by this amazing band do you think deserves the top spot? this is the best Chicago song, one of my all time favorite songs. Best slow dance song ever. Best make out song ever! 20 Along Comes a Woman. Amazing underrated song.

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List of songs about Chicago. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This «Best Wishes to your Black Lung» – Less Than Jake «Big Bill the Builder» (mayor), (in a place they call Chicago) Music & Lyrics by Mark «Big Poppa» Stampley (Chicago Native)Recorded by Award Winning Blues Artist Mark «Big …

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As one of Chicago’s most influential alternative rock groups, the Smashing Pumpkins released one of their biggest hits, «Tonight, Tonight,» in 1996. The song, which refers to a «city by the lake,» used the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to record its string parts.

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The song was written about violence in the world, and the suffering within the United States at its own hands. Recorded in Detroit at Motown’s Hitsville U.S.A., it may as well have been about