How does aggro work in Diablo III?

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How does aggro work in Diablo III? I’m a tank, so my job is to keep mobs coming after me, and not after my squishy dps partners, however I am not sure what the aggro/threat rules are I’m fairly sure it’s not the closest player or the one that hits first based on some of the …

I play a tank and try my best to keep aggro on me at all times, and here is what I’ve observed.
Aggro is initially obtained through proximity or attacks (even non-damaging attacks).
Aggro obtained through proximity can be trumped by damage, meaning if you do damage you can pull aggro off of someone who had obtained it through proximity only.Best answer · 34
Initial agro is acquired by attacks, or proximity from a player. After that, if other players / minions come into the screen, it’s random. Agro can’t be controlled in the same way threat levels can in WoW (assuming you can relate your question to that). However use of snare, confusion, slow spells can help.13I skimmed through Bashioks twitter account (having read a question about aggro there) and found it:
@Bashiok How is threat handled in D3?
Pretty loosely. In most cases it’s first proximity which can be trumped by damage. It depends on the enemy, though.
So this means that range is the primary reason mobs attack you.5

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Sep 20, 2011 · Doesn’t change the fact that games like this have an aggro system. It’s all about learning it and exploiting it. I’m going to just guess though that it’s based on proximity unless they truly took it to another level unlike games of the past in the same genre.

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Jul 22, 2010 · Re: How does «aggro» work in Diablo 2 If you just want to distract the monsters and act as a tank for the boss, use dual Dreams The radius is decent and you have a bunch of nice mods on there like confuse curse, resists, and FHR. Put on a Chains of Honor armor for added protection or Enigma if you like the teleport skill. Taunt is great too.

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May 09, 2012 · Aggression also increases through the difficulties. Although what this means exactly is not known but we can assume from the beta’s complete lack …

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Apr 13, 2012 · Pulling does work since so far I have noticed to limit to how far a monster will follow you. The problem is there is no real agro mechanic and monsters generally will attack the nearest thing to them. Some also seem to focus on players who are weak.

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Except it won’t, because are no threat-generating, threat-lowering and disengaging (reset threat) skills and hidden multipliers, because there is no aggro system in Diablo III. Make your next post a video link disproving me or make it not at all.

Top responsesRedditThere is no aggro system in Diablo III.13 votesI’ve found that there is a % of mobs that will peel off and go after ranged characters no matter what you do. The rest will pile up on the melee characters. I … read more6 votesMobs tend to attack whoever is in front of them/closest. Ranged mobs are SUPER hard to tank. Basically, walk in front (take point), and try to CC mobs that … read more2 votesDashing Strike will get you to every mob you need and cheap. It roots them in place and usually you are their new target.1 voteSand sharks for ex always attack the range first IIRC For the rest I don’t know since I usually play solo.1 votethe lack of an agro system means it’s really not fun to play with my glass cannon friends.1 voteSee all

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Dec 10, 2016 · But in some cases, you could make it work out that way. The golem’s aura will draw aggro from monsters. If the golem is between you and the monsters, most of …

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From: aaron1111 | #001 Do we know if the Demon Hunter’s pets draw aggro? No, they don’t. Blizzard has repeatedly said there is no «draw aggro» power in the game with the exception of ONE minor power of the Templar follower, but that power is COMPLETELY out of the player’s control, it’s limited, and is only used rarely by the Templar.

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As for Diablo 3, we’re not for certain, but likely similar to the older Diablo titles sense the Aggro System doesn’t function quite as well in this style of gameplay.