MediaElement.js – HTML5 Video

MediaElement.js – HTML5 video and audio unification framework

MediaElement.js is a blazingly fast and amazingly powerful HTML5 audio and video library that creates a unified feel for media files (MP4, MP3, FLV), streaming content (HLS, M(PEG)-DASH, RTMP), and embeddable players like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, DailyMotion, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

MediaElement.js – HTML5 Video & Audio Player – WordPress

Video and audio plugin for WordPress built on the MediaElement.js HTML5 media player library. Provides Flash or Silverlight fallback players for non-HTML5 browsers. Supports iPhone, iPad, and …

MediaElement.js – HTML5 video player and audio player with

Instead of offering an HTML5 player to modern browsers and a totally separate Flash player to older browsers, MediaElement.js upgrades them with custom Flash and Silverlight plugins that mimic the HTML5 MediaElement API.

MediaElement.js – a magic unicorn HTML5 video library

JW Player pulls this off, but overall this problem makes HTML5 video seem not worth the effort. MediaElement Solution: Wrap the HTML5 spec around a plugin, then build the player. MediaElement.js goes at the problem a bit differently than the other JavaScript libraries.

Mediaelement.js, html5 and flash video: getting height and

I’m using Mediaelement.js for the video, which ensures native playing in Chrome, Safari and IE9, and a Flash fallback for Firefox and IE8. Problem is, in native playback or Flash playback the video doesn’t go all the way to 100% height of the containing div.

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GitHub – mediaelement/mediaelement: HTML5 or player with

MediaElement.js is a set of custom Flash plugins that mimic the HTML5 MediaElement API for browsers that don’t support HTML5 or don’t support the media codecs you’re using. Instead of using Flash as a fallback, Flash is used to make the browser seem HTML5 compliant and enable codecs like H.264 (via Flash) on all browsers.

HTMLMediaElement – Web APIs | MDN

The HTMLMediaElement interface adds to HTMLElement the properties and methods needed to support basic media-related capabilities that are common to audio and video. The HTMLVideoElement and HTMLAudioElement elements both inherit this interface.

Embedding Audio using MediaElement.js – YouTube

Jul 25, 2011 · In the screencast I cover using the MediaElement.js script to easily embed audio on a web page. Please visit for more!

Stopping instead of rewinding at the end of a video in

Stopping instead of rewinding at the end of a video in MediaElement.js. Ask Question. Browse other questions tagged javascript html5 html5-video mediaelement.js or ask your own question. asked. 7 years, 9 months ago. viewed. 6,200 times. active. 2 years, 8 months ago.

HTML5 video, -Mediaelement.js, Video.js, OR a non

HTML5 video, -Mediaelement.js, Video.js, OR a non javascript solution? Ask Question. up vote 3 down vote favorite. Confused by all the options for implementing html5 video. What are the arguments in favor of using a javascript based solution like MediaElement or VideoJS ?

MediaElement.js – force Chrome to use flash player

We’re having problems with Chrome crashing, and it seems to be related to the html5 video player, is there any way to force MediaElement.js to use the flash player even if html5 is supported? I can do a browser test in jQuery if I can figure out what setting to pass to mediaelement.

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