Henri Picciotto 的 Twitter: “Will @geogebra 5 and @geogebra apps be able to open each other’s files?”

Two Triangles – GeoGebra

In Henri Picciotto’s Geometry Labs book, he proposes this problem: which quadrilaterals can be made with two copies of the same triangle. (Section 6.4) The green and purple are copies of the blue, and you can click on a copy to flip it.

Newton & Aristotle – two ideas about motion – GeoGebra

In this frictionless fantasy microworld, Aristotle and Newton are racing their cars around a track. Since each of them has his own idea about how velocity and force are related their cars behave differently.

Common tangent – GeoGebra

Discover Resources. movement stuff; Lame version of slope of tangent with trace function; Supply Demand CS PS Tax; Lesson 2-6; Polynomial Functions

GeoGebra – @geogebra Twitter Analytics – trendsmap.com

GeoGebra – @geogebra Twitter Analytics – trendsmap.com

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Polyline Symmetries – GeoGebra

Had to make this because of a twitter discussion with Henri Picciotto, Vincent Panlepan, Alan Davis and others. Thread: https://twitter.com/hpicciotto/status

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Geogebra is a great free online tool that students can use to interact with graphs.» «I have used Geogebra before it and it is online plane and grid for a x and y coordinate plane. It is a good way to show students how to graph, and very easy to manipulate.» «Geogebra may not be as user friendly as Desmos, but it has way more features and can

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Caldarone, Barbara J, King, Sarah L and Picciotto, Marina R (2008) Sex differences in anxiety-like behaviour and locomotor activity following chronic nicotine exposure in mice. Neuroscience Letters, 439 …

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Guy Picciotto falling out of a basketball hoop during a gymnasium concert with his band Fugazi in Philadelphia. The best band picture fucking ever. Find this Pin …

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Here are three and I’d love to add more from your contributions on Twitter and in the comments. A student who has procedural fluency but lacks conceptual understanding … Can accurately subtract 2018-1999 using a standard algorithm, but doesn’t recognize that counting up would be more efficient.